4 Benefits of Ceramic Coating

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4 Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Owning a nice car can feel like a blessing and a curse. When you see it all shiny and clean, it makes you proud, but the second it gets dirty you feel guilty until you get it cleaned. And how do you feel the first time you notice a little discoloration or dullness caused by the sun? If you’re like us, you just might feel like trading it in so you don’t have to deal with that heartbreak. But instead of going overboard, call IVS (Independent Vehicle Service) in Albuquerque. We can protect your car’s paint with a tough, beautiful ceramic coating! Learn more about ceramic coatings below, then get in touch to discuss how you can protect your four-wheeled friend.

Person applying ceramic coating to hood of black car

A Ceramic Coating Can Repel Water and Dirt

Remember how we mentioned the shame of a dirty vehicle? With a ceramic coating, you won’t have to drive around with a fake mustache and old-timey hat to hide your face. Ceramic coatings help your vehicle repel water and dirt, which means that whenever you wash your car, it will stay cleaner for longer! Take that, Mother Nature!

Water droplets beading of ceramic coating on black car

Ceramic Coatings Make Your Car Easier to Clean

Death, taxes, and a dirty car are the only guarantees in life. Even with a ceramic coating, your car will get dirty again, but don’t worry — the coating will make cleaning it much easier than it used to be! The same properties that make the coating dirt- and water-resistant also mean that when you do hose down your Honda (or your Ferrari, ceramic coatings are perfect for every vehicle on the road), the dirt will be banished to the land of wind and ghosts. The important part is that your car won’t have to go through the car wash multiple times. Get a ceramic coating and put your quarters to better use!

Black car getting ceramic coating dried with red lights

Your Car Will Look Better

Whatever you’re driving, you want it to look good. A ceramic coating is a lot like a pair of sunglasses — it makes everything look awesome. Think of the coolest people you’ve ever seen. They all had sunglasses on. A ceramic coating adds a layer of shine and style that doesn’t just go away. It’s bonded to your vehicle, just like the guy from CSI: Miami’s sunglasses were bonded to his face. Look it up.

Detail shot of the hood of a shiny black car

A Ceramic Coating Helps Protect Your Vehicle

Water, dirt, and even the sun are bad for your paint. Without a ceramic coating, you’re basically just begging the solar system to ruin your car. The UV rays of the sun (along with water droplets and specks of dust and dirt and rocks) are like little baseballs that are always trying to wreck the paint on your car. When IVS coats your vehicle with a ceramic coating, it’s like putting a ton of tiny Babe Ruth’s on your car and they’re hitting homers all the time.

Make sure you’re getting the longest possible life out of your paint job by protecting it with a ceramic coating. The expert technicians at IVS in Albuquerque can apply it perfectly, so contact us today to set up an appointment.

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