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If you hear the phrase “car detailing” and it conjures up images of a fancy rich person cruising around in an immaculately maintained Rolls Royce… you aren’t wrong. But having your car detailed isn’t just something that rich people do. There are a lot of myths floating around about car detailing. As Albuquerque’s detailing experts, we want to dispel some myths and encourage you to give us a call when your car needs a little TLC.

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Owning a nice car can feel like a blessing and a curse. When you see it all shiny and clean, it makes you proud, but the second it gets dirty you feel guilty until you get it cleaned. And how do you feel the first time you notice a little discoloration or dullness caused by the sun? If you’re like us, you just might feel like trading it in so you don’t have to deal with that heartbreak. But instead of going overboard, call IVS (Independent Vehicle Service) in Albuquerque. We can protect your car’s paint with a tough, beautiful ceramic coating! Learn more about ceramic coatings below, then...


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