4 Questions To Ask a Mechanic

4 Questions To Ask a Mechanic

When you take your vehicle in for a repair, you want to make sure you go to a place that is reputable, efficient, and knowledgeable. At Independent Vehicle Service (IVS), located in Albuquerque, we are experts in automotive repair and personalize your experience so you know exactly how your service will be performed. Moreover, we have a history of satisfied customers. With 40 years in business, IVS can perform any minor or major repair on your vehicle with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact Independent Vehicle Service today!


Do You Have a Good Reputation?

At IVS, our quick turnaround times, expert technicians, quality OEM parts, and exceptional customer service have allowed us to serve customers in Albuquerque since 1981. Over the years, we have gained the trust of our customers by personalizing their experience for a hands-on process you can depend on.


How Long Will It Take To Repair My Car?

Our goal at IVS is to complete all of the repairs/services needed on the day of your appointment. We ensure that you know what is going on with your car and truck by actively communicating with you throughout the process.


Can You Provide Customer References?

Our happy customers have been so thrilled with our services through the years that they leave us many thoughtful reviews! We want you to be confident we can provide the services you need and rely on. Read our reviews to learn more about our excellent customer service!


Can You Explain the Repair to Me?

When you go to a technician to get a repair done on your vehicle you want to make sure that not only the technician knows what they are doing, but that you also know what will be done. This allows you the ability to ask any questions you have. Nonetheless, if you do not understand the repair you are getting done, you will not be able to communicate directly.

Independent Vehicle Service (IVS), performs any repairs on your vehicle you might need with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our great reputation, alongside our expert technicians makes us reliable for you to feel confident you receive a professional service.

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