Are High-Mileage Oils Worth The Price?

Are High-Mileage Oils Worth The Price?

Navigating the world of auto maintenance can be intricate. One question we often encounter at Independent Vehicle Service is if high mileage oils are worth the price. As vehicles age, the choices we make can significantly impact their performance and lifespan.

So, let's delve into the specifics of high-mileage oils to determine their true value for older vehicles. If you or someone you know needs dependable oil services, repair, or detailing services in Albuquerque or surrounding areas, contact us to schedule an inspection today.

new oil coming out of an oil bottle

Special Additives

High-mileage oils aren't just your run-of-the-mill lubricants. They are specially formulated with additives that can prevent leaks, reduce consumption, and even improve the engine's compression. This makes them ideal for cars that have seen many roads and accumulated significant mileage.

puddle of oil on the floor under an engine

The Anti-Leak Properties

One common concern as cars age is the potential for leaks. High mileage oils come to the rescue with their conditioners that rejuvenate seals, reducing the chance of engine oil leaks. If you’ve noticed minor leaks, a switch could be your solution!

However, do not expect high-mileage oil to help mend significant leaks. If you start using high mileage and are still experiencing oil leaks, it is time to get it checked out by professionals like those at Independent Vehicle Service.

3D render of oil going through engine pistons

Keeping That Engine Young

Worried about wear and tear? High mileage oils contain anti-wear agents that ensure the older engine parts remain protected. As engines have more mileage under their belt, their parts become more worn and can lead to oil consumption. High-mileage oil can help reduce oil consumption with special additives, keeping more oil in your engine so you are not filling it up with a quart every other week!

Mechanic pouring oil into an engine

Cost Versus Value: A Quick Assessment

While high-mileage oils can be pricier than conventional oils, the benefits they offer, especially for older engines, can lead to cost savings in the long run. Fewer leaks, reduced consumption, and enhanced engine performance can lead to fewer visits for oil change services.

If your beloved vehicle is showing signs of age, considering high-mileage oils might be a wise move. And remember, for a quick oil change or any vehicle concerns, the friendly team at Independent Vehicle Service is always here for you. Contact us today and give your car the top-notch care it deserves! Safe journeys, dear friends!

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