Is Synthetic Oil Better for My Car?

Is Synthetic Oil Better for My Car?

Oil changes are one of the most essential, but often overlooked maintenance services that a car requires. This service varies based on how often a vehicle requires an oil change and the type of oil. Synthetic oil is easily the most popular among car owners. With its promise of better performance and engine protection, it often has people wondering if it truly is the better choice.

So, is synthetic oil better for your car? In this blog, Independent Vehicle Service located in Albuquerque, NM, will assist car owners in determining if this type of oil change service is right for them. For more information on your car’s next oil change, contact us today!

Synthetic oil being poured into a car.

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is made up of chemically modified compounds that provide better performance than traditional mineral-based oils. This type of oil is specifically engineered to perform better in extreme temperatures, reduce engine deposits, and provide long-lasting protection.

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The Benefits of Synthetic Oil

A primary benefit of synthetic oil is its superior engine protection. Compared to traditional mineral oils it contains fewer impurities, which helps to reduce engine deposits and keep the engine of your car running efficiently. Another benefit of synthetic oil is its ability to perform better in extreme temperatures. This allows for reduced wear and tear on your engine and limits the risk of the engine overheating.

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Is It Necessary For Your Car?

Deciding on the type of oil for your engine during an oil change can be difficult, but synthetic oil isn’t always necessary for every car. Older cars may not benefit from synthetic oil compared to new vehicles because it may be incompatible with the seals and gaskets. If you are unsure, discuss it with a technician during the time of the oil change service.

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Cost of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is more expensive than mineral oils, which may not be feasible for some car owners. This type of oil should be seen as an investment due to its ability to last longer, meaning fewer oil change services. This can offset the cost in the future and leave your car with enhanced performance.

Synthetic oil may be a great choice for your car with its ability to protect your engine and enhance performance. Although not all cars will need this type of oil change, it’s important to discuss with a technician what oil will be best for your vehicle. If you are in need of a car oil change in Albuquerque, NM, Independent Vehicle Service is ready to assist you! Call today!

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