My Car Feels Very Bouncy, What Should I Do?

My Car Feels Very Bouncy, What Should I Do?

Driving a car that feels very bouncy can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Not only does it make for a less enjoyable ride, but it can also be dangerous if left unaddressed. If your car feels bouncy, there are several potential causes and solutions to consider.

The team at Independent Vehicle Service in the Albuquerque area is here to explore some of the most common reasons why your car may feel bouncy and what you can do about it. Better understand the cause of your bumpy ride and schedule suspension system service with our team of experts today!

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Jeep tire

Check Your Tires

One of the most common reasons why a car may feel bouncy is worn or improperly inflated tires. If your tires are low on air, it can cause them to deform, leading to a bumpier ride than you're used to. Additionally, if your tires are worn or have uneven wear, it can also cause your car to feel bouncy. Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly and replace worn tires as needed in addition to having your suspension inspected.

Car's suspension

Inspect Your Suspension

Another potential cause of a bouncy car could be an issue with your suspension. If your shocks or struts are worn or damaged, they won't be able to absorb bumps and shocks effectively, leading to a bouncy ride. Additionally, worn suspension components like control arms and bushings can also contribute to a bouncy ride because they're responsible for keeping your wheels in contact with the road. If you suspect that something might be wrong with your suspension, it's important to meet with a professional to identify and address any issues.

Car's alignment

Check Your Alignment

If your car feels bouncy, it may be due to misaligned wheels. When your wheels are out of alignment, it can cause your car to bounce and vibrate as you drive. How does that happen? Hitting potholes, curbs, or other imperfections along with regular wear and tear can impact the overall alignment of your vehicle.

Car body damage

Address Body Damage

If your car has been in an accident or sustained body damage, it may also contribute to a bouncy ride. Damage to your car's frame or unibody can affect its structural integrity and lead to a bouncy ride. If you're concerned about this, it's best to schedule a suspension system service!

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A bouncy car can be a sign of a variety of issues, from worn tires and suspension components to alignment and body damage. If your car feels bouncy, it's essential to identify and address the underlying issue to ensure your safety and comfort on the road. Regular maintenance and suspension services can help prevent issues before they arise. Consult with a professional at Independent Vehicle Service in Albuquerque to identify and address any issues quickly and effectively!