What To Expect During Suspension Service

What To Expect During Suspension Service

Suspension service is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle’s performance and safety. A well-maintained suspension system ensures a comfortable ride, prevents uneven tire wear, and helps to maintain proper wheel alignment. However, if you’ve never had suspension service before, you may be unsure of what to expect.

When it comes to your suspension repair or replacement needs, work with our experts at Independent Vehicle Service. Proudly serving car owners in the Albuquerque area, our technicians are high-qualified and go through a hands-on training process to ensure they are knowledgeable and experienced in everything from suspension repair and replacement to brake repair and other maintenance services. Request an appointment today!

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The first step of suspension service is an inspection. A trained technician will examine your vehicle's suspension system for signs of wear and tear, including leaks, cracks, and broken components. They will also check your tire pressure, alignment, and overall condition to detect any issues. After the inspection, our technicians will provide you with a full report of their findings and recommendations for your vehicle’s suspension system.

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Replacement of Worn Parts

If any parts of your suspension system are found to be worn or damaged during the inspection, they will need to be replaced. Common parts that may need to be replaced during suspension service include shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, and control arms. Your technician will discuss any necessary repairs with you and provide an estimate for the cost.

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Proper wheel alignment is crucial for your vehicle's handling and tire wear. During suspension service, your technician will ensure that your wheels are aligned correctly. This involves adjusting the camber, caster, and toe angles to the manufacturer's specifications. If you don't do this step, your suspension is at risk of premature wear and tear, leading to costly repairs down the road.

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Test Drive

After the suspension service is complete, your vehicle will be taken for a test drive to ensure that everything is working correctly. The technician will check for any unusual noises, vibrations, or handling issues. This will let the technician know if your suspension has been properly prepared or if there are any remaining problems that need to be addressed. If everything is functioning correctly, your vehicle will be returned to you.

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Suspension service is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle's performance and safety and making sure you're not causing further damage to your vehicle. By taking care of your suspension system, you can enjoy a comfortable ride and prolong the life of your tires. So, if you haven't had suspension service performed on your vehicle recently, it's time to schedule an appointment with Independent Vehicle Service in Albuquerque today!

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