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Why You Should Change Your Oil Often

As a car owner in Albuquerque, you likely know the importance of keeping your vehicle properly maintained so that it functions at its best for as long as possible. One of the most important maintenance services that your car needs on a regular basis is an oil change. In today’s blog from Independent Vehicle Service, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to change your oil often. Keep reading to learn more, and let us help you with your oil change today!

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Engine Performance

Getting a regular oil change for your car ensures that your car’s engine will stay properly lubricated and help reduce the amount of heat produced by the engine. A regular oil change will also help keep your engine free of dirt and debris which can cause your engine to run more slowly. In short, you can keep your engine performing better with regular oil changes.

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Better Gas Mileage

With your engine performing at its best because of your regular oil changes, you can expect to get better gas mileage as a result. Friction caused by old oil can cause your engine to slow down and be less efficient when it comes to travel.

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Fewer Harmful Emissions

Another reason to make sure you’re changing your oil regularly is that it can help reduce harmful emissions being produced. Fresh oil doesn’t burn the same as old oil, so keeping your engine oil fresh and scheduling regular oil changes can actually help the environment.

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Prevent Other Issues

With regular oil changes on your schedule, you can also make sure that you catch and prevent any other issues before they become costly repairs. Most auto shops will do a complete inspection of your vehicle and recommend any additional services that may be needed during your oil change.

At Independent Vehicle Service, we’ve been providing car owners throughout Albuquerque with exceptional services for years. Reach out to us with any questions you may have or to get your oil changed today!

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