Things That Could Be Silently Ruining Your Car

Things That Could Be Silently Ruining Your Car

There are things we do every day to our cars that, over time, can take a bigger toll than we realize. At Independent Vehicle Service, we see damage that could have been avoided all the time. Your car is a tool, and you should take care of it! We are here to help. Here are some of the things we see on a daily basis that could damage your vehicle.

Car driving on a snowy road

Not Letting Your Car Warm Up

Your engine is a complicated thing, but it operates off of simple materials. Engine oil, for instance, is used to lubricate your engine so that it can run smoothly and efficiently. But did you know that when it’s cold, oil gets too thick for the engine to run well? That’s right, letting your car warm up isn’t just more comfortable in the winter months, but it’s a way to heat the oil up, allowing for your engine to run properly. Not doing so could damage your engine over time.

Man shifting car into drive

Shifting Into Drive While You Are Still Moving

Almost all of us are guilty of this. We have shifted from reverse into drive while the car is still moving, but we don’t realize how damaging this can be to the transmission. Your car exerts an enormous amount of force while it’s moving, and when you shift gears while it’s moving, you’re asking your transmission to stop all of that force in a split second. Transmissions are very expensive to repair, so take your time when you’re shifting gears. If you are having transmission problems, reach out to IVS so we can help!

Woman cleaning dash of car with a rag

Using The Wrong Cleaning Products

Many household cleaning products are not great for cars. Dish soap for instance is much too strong for fabrics and most things with a protective coating. Over time it can damage the materials in your car. Windex is another product that can yellow and break down plastic. Hiring an auto detailing technician to care for your car is the best option if you need a deep clean.

Man pulling up parking brake in vehicle

Not Using The Parking Brake

Another transmission issue. The majority of people do not use their parking brake. Just like switching gears while your car is in motion, this puts a lot of undue pressure on your transmission. If you want to preserve your transmission for a long time, make sure to always put on that parking brake, whether you’re on a hill or not.

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